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Chapter Two


This story largely concerns itself with the legend of the awakening of the Elves at Cuiviénen that is discussed at the end of the essay Quendi and Eldar in The History of Middle-earth: The War of the Jewels. As with much of my recent writing, I am looking at this "canon" as though it was a historical document discussing the mythology of a particular culture and, therefore, prone to flaws, biases, and misinterpretations. In particular, I have always been curious about how a people that awakened in the wild and who are attuned to Arda (the earth) and nature came to develop the rather rigid sexual mores that are discussed in Laws and Customs among the Eldar in The History of Middle-earth: Morgoth's Ring. This story aims to explore how this came to pass.

For the record, the woman called Elenwë in this story is not the same Elenwë who would later marry Turgon and die crossing the Helcaraxë. Because the name literally means "star woman," it seems like it would be a common and popular name among the Eldar, who always adored the stars.

I don't believe in holding my readers' hands and giving them a guided tour of the canon used to develop this story. I trust that you all are intelligent enough to research and explore the canon for yourselves without me telling you what it says. However, if you have any questions about why I did things the way that I did, please ask. If you'd like a copy of the essays I used, I'm happy to share; just drop me an email.

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