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Why Don't You Rate Your Stories, Dawn?

But I do! When required by sites where I post, I always rate my stories in accordance to the site's guidelines. In fact, on my own fiction archive, the Silmarillion Writers' Guild, I require authors to include not only ratings but a whole slew of warnings on their stories. I realize that it is Fandom Convention, and I usually go happily along.

However, if you're here, you've probably gone looking for the ratings in my library or warnings about what contains sex or gore or slash, and you've come up empty. No, I do not rate my stories on this site. Why? Well, if you've got a minute, there are a whole bunch of reasons.

Questions, comments, worries? Want to try to change my mind? (You probably won't, but I spoil for a good debate.) Drop me a line and we'll talk.